At Hilton Herbs we carry a select range of some of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies in tablet, liquid or combinations form.  Homeopathy can be extremely useful in a variety of situations and is relevant for horses, dogs and other animals.  Please note we are not able to accept returns due to them not having a tamper proof seal, so do ensure you are ordering the correct item.  If you have been advised to use a particular homeopathic remedy, it may be best to research its suitability first, as we cannot exchange once orders are dispatched.

Our homeopathic remedies come in either small glass vials or glass bottles with dropper tops (liquids), but they will not have any directions for use.  

  • do not handle Remedy
  • give Remedy directly into lower lip or mouth of animal or
  • tip Remedy onto hollowed out piece of carrot, apple or treat or 
  • crush Remedy to a powder (between spoons) and tip into mouth
  • liquid Remedies (10 drops) may be syringed in with water
  • avoid giving Remedies within half an hour of feeding
  • if giving two Remedies allow at least five mins between giving each
  • keep away from strong light, heat, smells (garlic/mint) and electromagnetic sources

Homeopathy is an interesting yet complex subject and deciding on the correct potency to use depends on many factors including the animal's characteristics and modalities.  If you want to find a Homeopathic Vet then see: