Lockdown Life in Wales - news from Brand Ambassador, Julie Abbott.

"As I write we are still fully locked down in Wales despite England easing theirs.  The horses are on their summer grazing and looking well although the grass isn’t as good as I would like it to be and so they’re on two feeds a day – liberally laced with Thrive & Shine and Hoof & Health!  These make such a difference to their wellbeing and their coats.  With the message from the government that the NHS is OK to be used we have risked some short trots round the block as our exercise.  It is so difficult to know what to do for the best and I have not ridden in case I fall off, but the waistline is expanding (both Raf’s and mine!!) and muscles getting soft so we needed a bit of work.  Good job I dosed him with Calm and Collected in the days beforehand…...even so he tried every trick in the book to ‘explain’ how happy he was to be back in work first time out! He’s been an angel since….  

Raz - May 2020

Moving house during lockdown

We are finally moving to a small farm next week.  The grass there is over my knees so that will be interesting!  The opposite problem to what I have now.  There are some wild flowers in the fields and hedgerows so the horses will get the chance to pick at the herbage – but there’s not as much as I would like so plan to sow some wildflower seeds over the years.  I am a great believer in a wide range of plants in fields, not just a grass monoculture.  This is why I feed Hilton Herbs – because in the wild horses would choose a wide variety of foodstuffs that they cannot get in small paddocks and fields. I remember years ago a horse I had determinedly dragging home a big branch of willow from a ride, so I left it in his stable and he chewed all of the bark off, understandably as willow (salix alba) contains salicylic acid – a pre-cursor of aspirin. He probably had a headache poor boy!  Hopefully next time I write we will be in our new home exploring the countryside and in full training for the back end of the season – if we get one this year.  Stay safe and well everyone."

Raf May 2020