Julie says:


“Well we have finally moved!  We arrived just as the beautiful weather window closed and so missed the opportunity to take the hay off our new fields.  We have 60 acres of thigh-high (if you’re little like me!) grass and luckily are now in the next (short) weather window and dodging raindrops to take the hay – which smells heavenly.  Fingers crossed it will all come in before the weather hits.

Rhosfawr - our new abode

The boys are all turned out on four acres of high grass on one of our hill fields and think they are in heaven!  As the sugars have all turned to lignin there is no risk of laminitis and they are just getting a bit of a fibre belly and putting a bit of weight on.  All this is without the two feeds a day they were getting in our previous place….. We have a small herd of a friend’s thoroughbreds in the next field which is again full of long grass, so that they can get some weight on.  We also have one one of Sophie Spiteri’s ex-racers that came in with a history of ulcers and is quite lean, so he has come to us for some ‘Dr Green’.  He is already looking better and seems part of the herd already, but we are keeping an eye on him to see if he needs a course of GastriX to help him out.

Raf and Finn on the hill

The riding is heavenly and we are starting to explore the local bridleways and lanes.  Hopefully we can get the boys fit ready for any late rides that might be put on at the end of the season.  Our lovely TB Finn has decided to sprout a sarcoid near his girth and we are treating it with VireX cream which is having a really beneficial effect. Raz has the odd twinge in his back as he isn’t that fit and so Edith is doing carrot stretches with Herballs to help make him more supple.  He loves them and can’t wait for his treatments, which upsets Raf as he would kill for a Herball but isn’t in need of a treatment!

Raz on the hill

And, because you can never have enough horses I have been foal shopping!  It is a big birthday for me this year (60 eeeek!) and my darling man has bought me a foal described in hopeful tones as my ‘last’ horse!  Binley Prince Johar is a pure Crabbet Arabian and I can’t wait for him to be weaned in the New Year so I can get him home.  Hope you are all getting out to ride again now and enjoying what summer we are having.  Fingers crossed the Red Dragon Festival of Endurance will still be on in October and we can get out at least once this season.”

Binley Prince Johar